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Stiga Carbonado 245 Review

The Stiga Carbonado 245 came out together with the Carbonado 290. The 290 has a long trajectory and low arc for the ball flight while the 245 has a long trajectory with a higher arc for the ball flight. Stiga…

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How to Plan a Third-Ball Attack

This is Episode 050 of the Ask a Table Tennis Coach podcast. Today’s question comes from Alex and is all about how to plan a third-ball attack. Alex asks… “Can you please talk about how a short side-spin serve makes the…

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Stiga Carbonado 290 Review

The Stiga Carbonado 290 was designed for players who wanted a faster Stiga blade. The previous Carbonado 190 was only considered as OFF and not a true OFF+ blade. The Carbonado 90 was even slower like an OFF- blade with…

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