Table Tennis Drills

Welcome to the Expert Table Tennis Drill Database! On this page are links to hundreds of different table tennis drills that will train every area of your game. I’ve been playing and coaching table tennis for almost 20 years and I would suggest that table tennis drills should make up at least 50% of your table time.

Professional players spend 3-4 hours every day working on drills. However, many amateur players only ever play matches. While it’s fun to play matches and compete, well-chosen drills will

Are Table Tennis Drills a Waste of Time?

Upgrade Your Table Tennis Practice

Basic Table Tennis Drills

Here are some basic table tennis drills for beginners and improvers. It’s important that you are able to complete these drills with control, consistency, and correct stroke technique.

Below is a video taken from Coach Tao Li’s Table Tennis University training program. In it, he demonstrates the “1 Backhand, 1 Forehand” drill, also known as the “Forehand & Backhand Combination Rally”.

Footwork Table Tennis Drills

Footwork Drill: Five Forehands

Irregular Table Tennis Drills

How to Add Random Drills Into Your Practice

Here’s a nice graphic displaying three straightforward irregular table tennis drills from Table Tennis England. I spent a lot of time as a kid doing the “one to the middle, one either side” drill.

Irregular Table Tennis Drills

Multiball Table Tennis Drills

Multiball is a high-intensity form of table tennis training invented by the Chinese.

Multiball Drill 001: Open Up, Counter Topspin, Repeat

Serve & Return Table Tennis Drills

If you are serious about improving your match results you need to start adding some specific serve and return drills into your training. The best place to start is my FREE eBook, The Table Tennis Playbook. It contains 18 drills with an almost unlimited number of possible variations.

Table Tennis Drills You Can Do Alone

It goes without saying that the best way to practice table tennis is on the table with a partner. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find an evenly matched partner that wants to practice drills with you. Here are some drills you can try on your own.

  • Shadow Training to Improve Your Footwork

Here’s another video from Coach Tao Li’s Table Tennis University training program. In it, he demonstrates a simple drill you can use without a partner to improve your side shuffle footwork.

Robot Table Tennis Drills

If you are lucky enough to own a table tennis robot, there are lots of drills you can practice

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I’d really appreciate your help! If you have a favourite table tennis drill that isn’t listed on this page then please get in touch and let me know so I can add it. I’m hoping that over time this page will prove to be a very valuable resource.