Multiball Drill 001: Open Up, Counter Topspin (repeat)

In this multiball drill, the coach alternates between a long push and a topspin feed. You are then able to work on your open up and counter topspin.

In the video below, Ma Long is performing this drill with his coach. The coach is playing the ball to any position on the table forcing Ma Long to move quickly and switch between his backhand and forehand.

If done properly you should be tired out after about 30 seconds. Take a short break, collect the balls, and repeat.

Here are some top tips and variations…


Here are some tips to help you with this drill;

  1. On the open up;
    • Get down low.
    • Use your legs.
    • When playing your forehand; drop your shoulder and open up your arm.
    • Brush up the back of the ball
  2. On the counter topspin;
    • Close your bat angle.
    • Brush over the top of the ball.
    • Accelerate from the elbow.
  3. Keep your eyes on the feeder.
  4. Move quickly, make sure you’re in the correct position.
  5. When feeding;
    • Make sure there’s sufficient spin on the push and topspin feed.
    • Keep the feed low.
    • Work on your timing, so you release the topspin ball just as the open up flies past you.


There are many possible variations to the drill to alter the difficulty or work on something specific.

  • Fixed feed to the forehand.
  • Fixed feed to the backhand.
  • Push feed to backhand, topspin feed to forehand.
  • Push feed to forehand, topspin feed to backhand.
  • Random feed.
  • Random feed but have to play all forehands.

If you have any experience with this drill and would like to add any other tips or variations then leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to add them to the article. Thank you.

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