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If you’re on the lookout for a good quality table tennis table that’s also great value, you’ve probably seen the JOOLA Inside, sold on Amazon for $349.99. Here’s my full JOOLA Inside review.

In this post, I’ll be reviewing the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table, weighing up the pros and cons of buying one and making a few other suggestions. It’s my hope that after reading this, you’ll find it much easier to decide whether this table is the right one for you.

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JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

The JOOLA Inside was first sold in 2012, making it the original 15mm table that cleverly folds up into two halves for compact storage. Since then, JOOLA have also created 18mm and 25mm versions.

In 2017, STIGA US (owned by Escalade Sports) decided to copy JOOLA USA and make their own version of the popular JOOLA Inside table, called the Stiga Advantage. Sneaky!

It’s been confirmed to me that these tables are identical – apart from the obvious cosmetic differences. STIGA even found the factory in China that JOOLA was using.

For more information, check out my JOOLA Inside vs STIGA Advantage blog post.

Ben’s Review


The JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table features a 15mm playing top surface, separate folding halves, and a powder-coated metal frame with 1.5-inch diameter steel legs. The feet have stabilizers for a solid foundation even on uneven playing surfaces.

It has a playback feature (meaning you can put half of the table up to hit against – if you want to). And it can also be stored away very compactly.

The table surface is comprised of professional-grade MDF material. With this high-quality tabletop surface, you can expect a very consistent bounce.

And the JOOLA net that’s included with the table is really good. The kind used at proper table tennis clubs, leagues and tournaments. Lots of tables give you a rubbish net and post set, but JOOLA have gone the extra mile!

This table is shaping up well so far.

Construction & Durability

The JOOLA Inside is definitely on the lighter side of table tennis tables, weighing in at just 189 pounds (I feel like a boxing ring announcer). This could be viewed as a positive or a negative.

On the plus side, it’s much easier to move around – especially if you have to lift it! Negatively, generally, the heavier a table is the more sturdy and long-lasting it is. A heavier/thicker frame and undercarriage is less likely to break/warp/bend/dent etc.

The 1.5-inch steel diameter legs are strong enough that they shouldn’t damage easily. I like the powder-coated undercarriage finish too – which should prevent rust. Overall, I reckon you can expect this table to last for years!

Just don’t keep it outdoors or anywhere super hot/ cold or wet/damp. The clue’s in the name. This is an “inside” table tennis table. The wood could warp if it gets damp or crazy hot/cold.

15mm Table Top

The only real weakness with the original JOOLA Inside table is the thickness of its playing surface.

15mm is on the thinner side for table tennis tables. You can expect the ball to play a little slower and the bounce to lack a bit of height when compared to play on a thicker table.

I talk a lot more about the importance of table thickness in my comprehensive article The Best Table Tennis Tables but, in short, competition tables are usually 25mm thick.

If you’re looking for a table to use for a bit of fun, recreational table tennis, and maybe a bit of training here and there, then the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table is a great choice. However, if you’re used to playing on 25mm competition tables, you might notice a bit of a difference going down to a 15mm table.

Fortunately, JOOLA have now created 18mm and 25mm versions of their popular Inside table!


Coming in at $349.99 the JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table is probably the best value table on the market. JOOLA have made a fantastic table for an unbelievable price!

Customer Satisfaction

Finally, let’s have a look at what actual customers have had to say. The reviews on Amazon have all been good.

Here are a few for you to see…

Table is sturdy, stable and built to last. If you’re in the market for an affordable, well-designed, and easy to assemble table which should provide years of enjoyment, look no further.

The table comes in two parts so is very easy to bring into a basement. The boys have been playing on it for several hours a day, with their friends and so far there have been no issues at all. we love it and would recommend it to anyone who wants a indoor table.

It was very easy to setup, it’s good quality with solid parts and the bounces are true. I can’t think of much else I’d want in a table.

If a decent table tennis table is what you’re after, you’re not going to be disappointed.

Is this table right for you?

If you want a recreational table…

  • Buying the JOOLA Inside would be a great idea. At under $400, it’s an absolute bargain!

If you’re a professional player used to playing on 25mm tables…

  • The JOOLA Inside 15mm Table Tennis Table probably isn’t a good choice for you. You’ll need to invest in a table with at least an 18mm playing surface, perhaps even 22mm – and that’s going to be a bit more expensive.

Fortunately, JOOLA now make an 18mm version of their popular JOOLA Inside. On top of the thicker tabletop, it also has a sturdier frame overall. And it’s only $449.99!

Buy a JOOLA Inside

The JOOLA Inside is definitely the best table tennis table you can buy for under $400. It’s the original (released in 2012) and the best!

Unfortunately, JOOLA Inside table tennis tables aren’t available in the UK. But I’ve found an alternative…

Donnay Premium Indoor/Outdoor

Donnay is one of Sports Direct’s in-house brands and it looks like they too have ripped off the JOOLA Inside and created their own 15mm table!

Firstly, stay away from the 12mm ‘non-Premium’ version of this table. A 12mm table will give you a truly awful bounce.

Secondly, I don’t like that they call this table “Indoor/Outdoor” when it is only an indoor table. Sure, you could move it outdoors for a game. But you could do that with any table! That doesn’t make it an “outdoor” table. Sports Direct even say in their description…

This Table Must Be Stored Indoors When Not In Use

But for £199.99 – yes, you heard that right – this is a screaming bargain of an indoor table tennis table. Just double-check you’re getting the “Premium” 15mm version.

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