The Best Table Tennis Training Camps

There are some great table tennis training camps run by top clubs all over the world. The problem is, it can be really hard to find out about them. Their websites are often hard to navigate/translate and there’s no one place listing all the best ones.

On this page, I’ll be linking to the best table tennis training camps and providing brief information about them so that you can easily get a feel for the camp and compare prices etc.

The Best Table Tennis Training Camp

As far as I am concerned there is one training camp that is head and shoulders above all the others I have come across…

B75 International Summer Camp

I went to this camp in 2011 and 2014 and was blown away by the professionalism and brilliant coaching. The B75 camp brings together some of the best European and Chinese coaches to create the perfect environment for player development. If you only ever go to one international table tennis camp in your life I recommend you give B75 a try!

b75 table tennis club

I love this camp so much I’ve dedicated a whole page to it. Learn more about the B75 Table Tennis Camp.

  • Location: Sindal, Denmark
  • Dates: 15th-31st July 2016
  • Coaches: Over 25 international-level coaches
  • Price: €460 per week
  • Link:


The following table tennis training camps take place in the UK…

Cooke & Deaton Summer School

Cooke and Deaton Table Tennis Summer School The Cooke and Deaton Summer School is known as Britain’s best and most up to date table tennis camp. It is run by many of the best coaches in the country and features several top players as sparring partners. The camp is quite expensive at £500 but everything is included for that price and, provided you live in the UK, you don’t need to pay for expensive flights.

  • Location: Grantham, England
  • Dates: July/August
  • Coaches: Alan Cooke, Nicola Deaton, Alex Perry, Kelly Sibley, Desmond Douglas, Paul & Joanna Drinkhall
  • Price: £499 per week
  • Link:

Westfield Table Tennis Camp

Westfield Table Tennis Camp The Westfield table tennis camps are run by Greg and Tim Yarnall (GVT Table Tennis). They usually take place during the holidays at Easter, Summer and Christmas. These camps are great for children and adults and usually feature a whole range of top coaches, including names such as Desmond Douglas.

  • Location: Northamptonshire, England
  • Dates: Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays
  • Coaches: Greg & Tim Yarnall, Desmond Douglas
  • Price: £50 per day
  • Link:

eBatt-Topspin Summer Table Tennis Camp

  • Location: Uxbridge, England
  • Dates: 15th-19st August 2016
  • Coaches: Eli Baraty, Filip Szymanski, Chris Doran, Matt Ware
  • Price: £540 per week
  • Link:


The following table tennis training camps take place in Europe…

TT Camps Hungary

eger trainingThese camps are run by a friend of mine, William Maybanks (yellow t-shirt in photo). He is an English player that has been living, playing and coaching in Hungary for many years now. I haven’t managed to make it to one of his table tennis camps at Eger yet but it is definitely on my to-do list. Sam Priestley is keen to visit too so perhaps we can get over there in the summer!

  • Location: Eger, Hungary
  • Dates: All year round
  • Coaches: Will Maybanks
  • Price: £65 per day (including accommodation)
  • Link:

HiTT Academy Malta International Table Tennis Camp

HiTT Malta Table Tennis Training Camp
I haven’t been to HiTT in Malta (yet). I’m planning on visiting in September 2016 as part of my travels. Sam spent a couple of days at HiTT during The Expert in a Year Challenge and loved it. The head coach of the club is Mario Genovese, who is 21 times Malta National Champion. This is certainly a very well organised training camp for players of all levels and Mario is an excellent coach.

  • Location: Had-Dingli, Malta
  • Dates: 27th June – 3rd July 2016
  • Coaches: Mario Genovese,
  • Price: €325
  • Link:

GV Hennebont (France)

  • Location: Hennebont, France
  • Dates: All year round
  • Coaches:
  • Price: €365 (full board), €265 (self-catering), €225 (training only), five days.
  • Link:

I haven’t been to Hennebont myself for training but I know a number of top juniors that have been and have said the training is excellent and the work-rate is incredibly high!

hennebont table tennis training camp

Werner Schlager Academy Table Tennis School

  • Location: Schwechat, Austria
  • Dates: Currently unavailable
  • Coaches: WSA coaches
  • Price: Currently unknown
  • Link:

Butterfly International Training Camp

International Table Tennis Training Camps

  • Location: Balatonfured, Hungary
  • Dates: July & August
  • Coaches: Ferenc Karsai & Péter Aranyosi
  • Price: €410-560 per week
  • Link:

Table Tennis School Den Haag

  • Location: The Hague, Netherlands
  • Dates: Augyst 2016
  • Coaches: Dicky de Jong, Lars Wildenborg & Boris de Vries
  • Price: €235 per week
  • Link:

North America

The following table tennis training camps take place in the USA and North America…

LYTTC Summer Table Tennis Camps

  • Location: Dunellen, NJ, USA
  • Dates: June to August
  • Coaches: Lily Yip, and others
  • Price: $350 per week
  • Link:

MDTTC Table Tennis Camps

  • Location: Gaithersburg, MD, USA
  • Dates: Spring, Summer, and Winter camps
  • Coaches: Larry Hodges, Jack Huang, Yinghua Cheng, and more
  • Price: $299 per week
  • Link:

Stellangie Table Tennis Camps

  • Location: San Diego, CA, USA
  • Dates: June & July
  • Coaches: Stellan & Angie Bengtsson
  • Price: $500 per week
  • Link:

WCTTA Summer Table Tennis Camp

  • Location: Santa Clara, CA, USA
  • Dates: June
  • Coaches: Li Zhen Shi, Zhang Li, Stefan Feth & Nan Li
  • Price: $650 per week
  • Link:


The following table tennis training camps take place in China…