Who is Harrie Austin-Jones? (S02E01)

After a two-year break, The Expert Table Tennis Podcast is back! From now on, I’ll be joined for each episode by my good friend Harrie Austin-Jones.

This first episode (of what I’m calling “Season 2”) is your chance to get to know Harrie and his epic table tennis journey, so far.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Harrie first started playing table tennis, as an adult
  • What he does with the rest of his time (work, other hobbies)
  • How much Harrie trains and where
  • Harrie’s experience of local league table tennis
  • The highs and lows of Harrie’s table tennis career so far
  • Harrie’s goals for the next few years

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Thanks for listening!

It’s great to be back podcasting again. I hope you enjoyed this episode and are looking forward to hearing more from Harrie.

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I’ll be back at some point in April with S02E02.

Do drop me an email if you’ve got questions for Harrie, or any suggestions for topics you’d like us to discuss.