Tenergy 80: Reviews, Videos and Comparisons

tenergy 80Tenergy 80 is the latest release from the Butterfly Tenergy series that has taken the table tennis world by storm. I haven’t managed to get my hands on a sheet yet (I play with Tenergy 05 on both sides) but I’ve decided to do a kind of ‘literature review’ and scan the websites, blogs and forums talking about the rubber.

I have split the content on this page into reviews & comparisons, and videos. In the first section I’ll post a collection of the best Tenergy 80 reviews I have come across,  both looking at how it plays and how it compares to the other Tenergy rubbers (05, 25 & 64). In the second section I’ll display some of the Tenergy 80 videos available on YouTube.

A brief note before we start. Butterfly use the same sponge for all Tenergy rubbers. They have two sponges, a regular sponge and an FX. It is the shape and size of the pips inside the topsheet that they experiment with and change to create the variations between the rubbers. I just thought that was worth knowing.

Now, on with the content!

Tenergy 80 Reviews & Comparisons

These reviews are not my own but I’ve searched for the most helpful ones and posted them here to hopefully give you an allround perspective of people’s thought on Tenergy 80.

chop4ever on MyTT says…

“I had half an hour to test Tenergy 80 on my friends racket. Lets imagine that Tenergy 05, Tenergy 64 and Tenergy 25 are three angles of a triangle shape, then Tenergy 80 is somewhere among them (probably slightly closer to Tenergy 05).Tenergy 80 is the ball all-round rubber!”

DexBG on TTD says…

“I used to play with Tenergy 05 on my BH and have now switched to Tenergy 80. Close distance: Easy to play a fast drive or block but hard to spin close balls. Mid distance: Relatively easy to spin on slow balls but hard to do it on fast balls (i.e. counter attacks). Easy to play a fast drive or block. Far distance: Easy to loop and the loops are charged with great spin (the ball immediately changes its trajectory after hitting the table).”


Here is a great infographic produced by Butterfly to show the difference between Tenergy 05, 25, 64 and 80, in regards to pip size and shape.

tenergy pip size

You can see that Tenergy 80, 05 and 64 all have 1.7mm width pips. However, Tenergy 05’s pips are shorter and closer together than Tenergy 64, which has much longer and more spaced out pips. Tenergy 80 appears to be somewhere between the two. Tenergy 25 has much bigger pips.

Tenergy 80 Videos

I’ve got four videos for you. The first is from PintoTM as he unboxes the rubber, then I’ve got the Butterfly video with Jun and Seiya which is more of an advert than a review (so take it with a pinch of salt), and finally PintoTM gives us an in depth review of Tenergy 80, with a couple of cool tests. Finally, Dan Ives (from TableTennisDaily) gives us a comprehensive review of the rubber.

1. Unboxing Tenergy 80 by PintoTM

2. Jun Mizutani and Seiya Kishikawa Test Tenergy 80 by ButterflyonlineTT

3. Reviewing Tenergy 80 by PintoTM

4. Tenergy 80 Review by TableTennisDaily

Buy Tenergy 80

If you would like to try Tenergy 80 out for yourself you can buy it from TeesSport (UK) for £49.99 or Megaspin (US) for $79.99.

I don’t think you’ll find it any cheaper than that. I wrote a post about the ever-rising price of Tenergy for Table Tennis Master that you might want to check out too. It’s quite interesting (even if I do say so myself).


Tenergy 80 is, by all reports, somewhere in between Tenergy 05 and 64. I have had a brief knock with the rubber at my club and I have to say I probably didn’t like it as much as Tenergy 05. It may just be that I’m used to T05 (as I’ve been using this rubber for about 3 years) but I was in no way blown as by Tenergy 80.

If you’re still craving more then can I direct you to the comprehensive review of Tenergy 80 by Alex Vanderklugt from OOAK. It’s three pages long and goes into great detail.

If you have a review or video that you would like on this page please send me a link or leave a comment.