Talent, Practice, and Why Harrie Almost Quit Table Tennis (S02E08)

This is Episode #8 of The Expert Table Tennis Podcast with Ben Larcombe and Harrie Austin-Jones. This month we’re talking talent, practice, and why a few weeks ago Harrie almost quit table tennis altogether!

If you’ve ever worried that you might be untalented and felt on the verge of quitting, this is the episode for you! I hope it’ll also be interesting for anyone who’s pondered the impact that natural talent has on your table tennis potential.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Harrie almost quit table tennis
  • If talent is important in table tennis
  • How to figure out if you are talented or not
  • How you should train as an “untalented” player
  • Some of the struggles of an “untalented” player
  • How we’ve changed Harrie’s training (once again)
  • What’s more important; technique or ‘feeling’
  • Why the ability to improvise is key
  • And loads more!

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We’ll be back with Episode #9 at the end of December. As always, if you have a good idea for a topic, do send me an email!