#31 – Tahl Leibovitz: Ping Pong for Fighters

Tahl Leibovitz is a Paralympic gold medalist, is currently ranked #8 in the world in Class 9, and has over 25 years of table tennis experience as both a player and coach. Who better to join me on The Expert Table Tennis Podcast for the first episode of 2016?

Rio 2016 is just six months away and 40-year-old Tahl is training hard so that he can be in a position to give his all at what will probably be his last major competition. I caught up with him last week for about 40 minutes to ask him about his book Ping Pong for Fighters and to hear some of the lessons he’s learnt from competing at the highest level for so many years.

As he says in the interview, Tahl has been fortunate enough to work with a number of really top coaches and travel all over the world learning about the game we love. There is so much great wisdom in this episode. I really hope you are able to learn something new, apply it to your game, and start seeing results!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Tahl’s story and how he first began playing table tennis aged 14.
  • How he managed to quickly become a professional player.
  • What kind of preparation Tahl is doing for Rio 2016.
  • The difference between competing in able-bodied and Para table tennis.
  • Why Tahl decided to write a table tennis book.
  • Advice Tahl has picked up from players like Samsonov.
  • Dozens of tips to help you perform better in your matches.

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Thanks for listening!

It’s good to be back with the podcast and I hope you enjoyed my interview with Tahl and took a lot of advice from it. A big thank you to Tahl for giving me an hour of his time to make it happen.

What was your favourite tip from the episode? Leave a comment and let us know what you thought.

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As I said at the start of the episode, I am cutting back to just one episode a month for 2016, but I’ll be back with a new guest and Episode #32 to be released on the last Friday in February (which is the 26th).