Stiga Pro Carbon Review

Stiga Pro Carbon Review

The Stiga Pro Carbon is one of many table tennis rackets made by Swedish company Stiga – one of the world’s leading table tennis brands. They have a popular range of five premade rackets that are also ITTF approved, which means they are able to be used in competitions.


Stiga Pro Carbon

At the moment, the Stiga Pro Carbon is sold on for $47.99. This places it on the cheaper side of premade rackets. Stiga created this bat for intermediate players who are serious about improving their game. It is a well-rounded bat with good performance.

The Stiga Titan is the fastest premade racket by Stiga with the Evolution and Supreme just behind it.



The Stiga Pro Carbon features two layers of high-performance carbon integrated into the blade improving rigidity and response, which results in increased speed and power. Nano Composite Technology creates stronger and tighter bonds in the rubber that increase speed and spin. The ACS Numerous microscopic air capsules in an ultralight rubber allow high speed to be combined with maximum elasticity and outstanding control.

Technology Behind The Racket

WRB Weight Balance: The balance of the blade is shifted to the point of contact with the ball.

The rate of Recovery: The decrease in blade weight improves the rate of recovery after each stroke.

Ball Sensitivity: The strategically positioned recess in the handle provides an extra sensitivity of touch.

Balsa Technology: Ultra lightweight balsa wood center-ply helps increase speed and reaction time.

Crystal Technology: STIGA’s unique process that hardens the surface of the blade, thus increasing its speed.

ITTF Approved Rubber: The rubber of the STIGA Pro Carbon is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) for tournament-level performance

Our Opinion

The Stiga Pro Carbon gives you a wider ‘Sweet Spot’ when playing. It’s an ideal racket for offensive players who like looping or smashing as the wider sweet spot is more forgiving than other rackets. The harder carbon helps you generate more spin and power on your returns, also.

Out of the 5 premade rackets Stiga has made we can say that the Pro Carbon and Evolution are the only real ones to consider. The Pro Carbon gives you much better performance but we still think it lacks in chopping and creating backspin. Due to it being so rigid hitting with finesse is fairly difficult and could some taking used to.

Overall the Stiga Pro Carbon is a decent bat and one to consider. BUT you could still get better performance in other rackets that sell in this category.

Other Options

The Stiga Pro Carbon is a decent intermediate racket that will help improve your game by taking your equipment another step up. The performance of the racket is decent but playing defensive shots with it can be quite difficult.


Instead, we recommend getting the Palio Master 2. It is our favorite all around racket and will provide you a more rounded playstyle while still giving you the performance you want.  Have a look at our review here.

Buy The Racket

You can buy the Stiga Pro Carbon from Amazon.

Or why not check out our favourite table tennis rackets, the Palio Expert 2, Master 2 and Legend 2!

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Have you used the Stiga Pro Carbon racket yourself? What did you think of it? Please share your experiences and leave a review below in the comments.

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