#39 – Samson Dubina: Enhance Your Game with TT-Flex

Samson Dubina was last a guest on the show roughly 18 months ago. In that episode, we discussed his training and preparation for the Team USA Rio 2016 selections. Today, we’ll focus on TT-Flex!

Unfortunately, Samson didn’t quite make it into the Olympic team but he’s had a fantastic 2016 – both as a player and a coach. In May he managed to achieve a career high USATT rating of 2619, a level that very few US-born table tennis players ever achieve. On top of that, he has been coaching many of Ohio’s top juniors and introducing his young kids to the sport of table tennis.

TT-Flex Interview

The main bulk of this interview was focused around Samson new and innovative table tennis training product, TT-Flex. It’s a full-body training tool that has been designed to strengthen the primary muscles used in the sport of table tennis. Samson has been working on this for a while – and keeping it under his hat – but the product is now on sale via his website.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Samson’s table tennis has improved since we last spoke [1:30]
  • What separates the best from the rest? [4:00]
  • Samson’s experience of introducing his kids to table tennis [8:00]
  • What is TT-Flex? [10:00]
  • Why should we practice with a heavy bat or dumbells? [12:30]
  • Favourite ways to use TT-Flex [17:30]
  • Is TT-Flex suitable for junior players? [21:30]
  • The effects of TT-Flex on Samson’s game [23:00]
  • Samson’s top tip for improving your serve return [26:00]
  • How to buy TT-Flex [29:15]

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Thanks for listening!

I really enjoyed speaking to Samson about his exciting TT-Flex product. If you are interested in purchasing one for yourself you can do so here.

You should also watch the video below which demonstrates all of the features of the product and how to use it.

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