Quality vs Quantity: Table Tennis Training (S02E07)

This is Episode #7 of The Expert Table Tennis Podcast with Ben Larcombe and Harrie Austin-Jones. This month we’re discussing the quality and quantity of your training.

This season, Harrie’s made some changes to his weekly training schedule. Instead of playing as much table tennis as possible, he’s going to focus on just three high-quality sessions per week. To find out why you’ll have to listen to this episode.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Harrie got on in his first league match of the season
  • Why Harrie has started playing less table tennis each week
  • How much you should train as an adult beginner
  • Why working with a coach is so important
  • What happens if you only ever play against “weird” players
  • Why you shouldn’t listen to every coaching tip you’re given
  • What Harrie’s typical week of table tennis now looks like
  • How to figure out how to beat unorthodox players
  • How to convince better players to train with you
  • Why training with others improves the quality of your session
  • And loads more!

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