Power Pong 3001 Review

If you’re looking for a professional-quality table tennis robot, you’ve probably come across the Power Pong 3001! But is it worth the money? This is my full review.

You may have noticed that the Power Pong 3001 looks exactly like the old Butterfly Amicus Professional robot. That’s because they’re virtually identical. They’re even made by the same factory in Hungary!

Power Pong 3001

The Power Pong 3001 retails for $1,699 and was the top robot sold by Power Pong before the 5000 model was released in August 2019.

It’s still a really great table tennis robot. Here’s why…

Three-wheel design

power pong table tennis robot

The Power Pong 3001 has the innovative three-wheel head, first seen on the Butterfly Amicus robots.

Basically, these new three-wheel robots have made all other robots look really dated!

The advantage of buying a table tennis robot with a three-wheel head is that it can produce every type of spin imaginable, during a single point/exercise, without you having to make any manual adjustments.

Three-wheel robots are super easy to use, extremely accurate, and actually feel like you’re playing with a real human opponent. You can even adjust the amount of spin on each ball.

After playing with a three-wheel robot (like the Power Pong 3001) you’ll never want to go back to anything else!

Eight-ball drills

The Power Pong 3001 allows you to have drills with up to eight balls, including a service at the start. That’s all you’re going to need to replicate a point situation! And you can make all sorts of adjustments to the speed, spin and placement of each ball in the drill.

Regarding memory, you can store up to 99 drills on the Power Pong 3001 and the machine comes with 22 pre-programmed drills for you to enjoy – before you start making your own.

You can even combine drills into a “cluster”. That means you can programme an entire training session (33 drill maximum) into the robot. Drills can start one after the other or randomly, creating a real-time game experience. Clever stuff!

The RND mode is cool too. It adds an element of randomness into the placement of the balls – instead of unrealistically putting them in exactly the same place every time.

Three-year warranty

Power Pong robots are sold by USATT Hall of Famer Attila Malek. And he offers an incredible three-year warranty with every robot he sells.

That means, if anything goes wrong with your Power Pong robot during the first three years, your machine will be fixed or replaced immediately. You can’t ask for more than that!

Power Pong receives its robots directly from the manufacturer (LCS) in Hungary and Attila (and others) have been trained to repair these machines in the US.

Buy a Power Pong 3001

Power Pong table tennis robots are currently only available in the US/Canada and the UK – but the good news is that new regional distributors are being added in 2020.

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