Palio Master 2 Review

Palio Master 2 Review

The Palio Master 2 is the second bat in the Palio x Expert Table Tennis collection. It is faster than the Expert 2 but not as fast as the Legend 2. You can read about all three bats in my popular article, The Best Table Tennis Bat for Beginners.

I really like the Palio Master 2 because it is such a good all-rounder. It was also the racket used by Expert in a Year guinea pig Sam Priestley for the first 6 months of the challenge.

Palio Master 2 Review

In this review, I will provide a comprehensive review of the Palio Master 2 table tennis racket and help you to decide if it is right for you. I’ll be looking at the following factors…

  1. Features
  2. Price
  3. Customer Satisfaction
  4. Recommendations

1. Features

The Palio Master 2 is a premade table tennis racket aimed at intermediate table tennis players. The blade is an exclusive collaboration between Palio and Expert Table Tennis. The rubbers are the brilliant Palio CJ8000, on both sides, with a faster and better quality sponge than those used for the Palio Expert 2. A free racket case is included with the racket.


There is a noticeable increase in speed when you compare the Master 2 racket to the cheaper Expert 2. This has been brought about by the combination of a faster blade and sponge (the CJ8000 topsheet is the same on both rackets).


Some players have found the Expert 2 racket to be a little too slow. The Master 2 certainly isn’t a rocket, but I believe that the additional speed of the racket is enough to satisfy those that like to play a little faster – without compromising control.


As with the Palio Expert 2 racket, the Master 2 is brilliant at spinning the ball. This is all down to the tacky CJ8000 rubbers. They are the perfect rubbers for players looking to master spinny shots such as the loop, or work on increasing the amount of spin on their serves.

If you’ve been using a cheap and nasty premade table tennis racket, with rubber that hardly grip the ball at all, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise when you first try the Palio Master 2! There might be nothing wrong with your technique at all. It could well be your useless racket that is holding you back.


Even with the faster blade and sponge mentioned earlier, the Palio Master still scores very highly for control. This is a very important, and often underrated, aspect when selecting a suitable table tennis racket. Too many new players focus only on the speed and spin on their racket. They want the fastest racket, with the most spin possible. But this is usually a mistake.

Instead, an all-round racket – like the Master 2 – is a much better choice because while giving you plenty of speed and spin it also gives you the control you need to actually keep the ball on the table. And after all, that’s how you’re going to win matches!

2. Price

The Palio Master 2 is priced near the middle of the premade racket market – at £34.99 in the UK, and $44.95 in the USA. It is slightly more expensive than the entry-level Palio Expert 2, and just a little cheaper than the more aggressive Palio Legend 2.


If you are looking for a really cheap racket then the Palio Master 2 is probably slightly above your price range. That’s okay. There are other rackets selling for £10-20. However, if you are wanting a serious table tennis racket that will last you for a considerable amount I time, then I believe the Master 2 is worth the investment.

The fact that you can buy it from Amazon, with free shipping and a free racket case, makes the price even better value!

3. Customer Satisfaction

Here are some customer reviews I found on Amazon

Very pleased with this racket. Great for me as a beginner, but suits a lot better players also.

This is my first serious racket as a relative newcomer to the sport and it has already improved my control and spin. Very pleased!

An incredible table tennis racket at a very affordable price. I was hoping for a good allround racket that would offer me excellent levels of spin, speed and control and the Master 2 delivers on every level.

I believe those comments from customers speak for themselves. The Palio Master 2 clearly does a great job a striking a balance between speed, spin, and control. If you are looking for a solid all-round racket, you won’t be disappointed.

4. Recommendations

Is this racket for you?

I am often asked by players whether they should buy the Palio Expert 2 or the Palio Master 2. Usually, I would suggest the Master 2. It has been my favorite of the Palio rackets ever since I first tried it and I believe it will probably last you longer than the Expert 2 due to the greater speed.

As I said at the beginning of this post, Sam Priestley used the Palio Master 2 racket for the first six months of our challenge before moving on to a super fast custom racket (Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit and Tenergy 05 on both sides). Looking back, it is probably fair to say that we should have stuck to the Palio Master 2 for the whole year. The racket wasn’t holding him back at all, whereas the move to Tenergy and a carbon blade had a big impact on his control. All of a sudden it was much more difficult for him to keep the ball on the table and handle his opponent’s spin.

The Palio Master 2 is a table tennis racket that you will be able to pick up and play with as a beginner, but even a year or more into your training it will also have everything you need to play “proper” table tennis. That’s why the Palio Master 2 is my #1 choice!

If you are looking for a more powerful racket, with less control, then you might like to check out my review of the Palio Legend 2 (the fastest racket in the series).

If you are after something a little slower, with maximum control, have a read about the Palio Expert 2.

For more information on choosing a table tennis racket, check out my blog post, The Best Table Tennis Bat for Beginners.

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