#1 – Matt Hetherington: Consistency vs Power

It brings me great pleasure to be able to present to you episode number one of The Expert Table Tennis Podcast. I have wanted to start a podcast for so long now and I’ve finally got it all together.

My first guest is table tennis player, coach and blogger Matt Hetherington. Matt runs the popular blog mhtabletennis.com and is well known in the online world of table tennis.

In our interview we talk about the trade-off between consistency and power. I believe this is a particularly important topic in the modern game, which at the highest levels is becoming increasingly more aggressive and powerful.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Matt’s current schedule and future table tennis goals.
  • Why many of the current top coaches are pushing ‘consistency’.
  • How the future generation of elite players are being developed.
  • The importance of restricting power in order to develop consistency, tactics, footwork and control.
  • The mindset you’ll need to develop to become a consistent player.
  • Why to start with consistency and then later increase power.
  • The difference between being consistent and being passive.

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A big thank you to Matt for joining me on my first episode and I’ll have the next episode ready soon.