#4 – Mark Simpson: Train Smart, Play Smart

Mark Simpson is a good friend of mine. I shared a house with him back in 2007 at Grantham Academy. Since then he has studied Psychology at the University of Nottingham, played table tennis semi-professionally in several European countries and completed a Masters degree in Sport Psychology.

In today’s episode I talk to Mark about his ‘Train Smart, Play Smart’ seminars that he is delivering to table tennis clubs up and down the UK.

Mark’s philosophy is all about giving players the skills they need to be able to fix their own performance problems. Instead of troubleshooting individual issues he offers a more holistic approach teaching the key psychology skills that can be used to solve all sort of issues.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Mark became a semi-professional table tennis player.
  • Why he moved away from the UK.
  • What he is doing back in the UK for a couple of weeks.
  • All about his ‘Train Smart, Play Smart’ seminars.
  • How you can improve your table tennis with imagery.
  • A three-step routine to use in between points in a match.
  • What services Mark offer to table tennis players looking to improve their performance.

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