#6 – Daniel Ives: TableTennisDaily in China (Part 2)

Daniel Ives is the founder of TableTennisDaily, one of the most popular table tennis websites in the world. I actually used to play against him as a junior in tournaments and county matches (he would always win), so I’ve known Dan for some time.

In January 2015 he travelled to Beijing, China with STIGA to film a four-part documentary series called ‘STIGA Presents The Journey Through Chinese Table Tennis’, which you can watch here. I decided to get Dan on the show to talk about his experiences and share some of what he discovered about Chinese table tennis.

This is Part 2 (you can listen to Part 1 here) and covers Dan’s trips to the Chinese National Training Center to meet the Chinese National Team and his conclusions from the visit.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • At what age players are accepted into the Chinese National Team.
  • What it is like inside the Chinese National Training Center.
  • The kind of training routines the players go through.
  • What life is like for the 88 men and women that make up the squad of players.
  • Dan’s opinion as to why China are able to dominate the sport of table tennis.
  • How we can learn from the Chinese structure in our own clubs and leagues.

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