The Best Table Tennis Coaches

Unfortunately, good table tennis coaches are hard to find. Private coaching, in particular, can be very expensive so you want to make sure that you are working with someone who knows what they are doing. In this post I will be listing some of the best table tennis coaches I know of.

I don’t know everything – of course. So, if you are aware of an epic table tennis coach who isn’t listed on this page then please leave a comment at the bottom with their details and I will make sure I add them.

As my audience is primarily based in either the UK or the USA I will focus on coaches from these two countries. However, I will also have a section for Europe and Asia as well.

The Best Table Tennis Coaches

How am I choosing which coaches make it onto this list and which don’t? Well, I’m looking for table tennis coaches that have a clear understanding of the game and a proven track record of coaching players to a high level of performance

Tick all of those boxes and you will be included. I am listing coaches in alphabetical order (using surname), with a link to their website, club or social media account (if they have one) and their location.


  • Eli Baraty – London, England
  • Daniel Basterfield – London, England
  • Steve Brunskill – Middlesbrough, England
  • Craig Bryant – England
  • Alan Cooke – Chesterfield, England
  • Nicola Deaton – Nottingham, England
  • Desmond Douglas – Birmingham, England
  • Gavin Evans – Grantham, England
  • Roland Fuller – Bournemouth, England
  • Stephen Gertsen – Scotland
  • Lloyd Gregory – Cardiff, Wales
  • Tim Holtam – Brighton, England
  • Maria Ingles –
  • Daniel Ives – Bristol, England
  • Tom Maynard – Reading, England
  • Carole Moore – Middlesbrough, England
  • Adam Nutland – Harlow, England
  • Dan O’Connell – Cardiff, Wales
  • Alex Perry – Nottingham, England
  • Sam Perry –
  • Sherwin Remata – London, England
  • Rory Scott – Horsham, England


  • Samson Dubina – Akron, OH
  • Stefan Feth –
  • Matt Hetherington –
  • Larry Hodges –
  • Tahl Leibovitz –
  • Sean O’Neill –
  • Brian Pace –
  • Lily Yip –


  • Mario Genovese – Valletta, Malta
  • Istvan Moldovan –
  • Richard Prause –