The Best Table Tennis Clubs

If you are serious about improving your table tennis then you need to think about joining a table tennis club. In this article I will be linking to some of the best table tennis clubs I know of, from all over the world.

I don’t know everything – of course. So, if you are aware of an epic table tennis club that isn’t listed on this page then please leave a comment at the bottom with the details and I will make sure I add it.

As my audience is primarily based in either the UK or the USA I will focus on these two countries. However, I will also have a section for Europe and Asia as well.

The Best Table Tennis Clubs

How am I choosing which clubs make it onto this list and which don’t? Well, I’m looking for table tennis clubs that have quality coaching, teams in high levels of national competitions, good facilities, and are popular with local players.

Tick all of those boxes and your club will be included. I am listing clubs in alphabetical order, with a link to their website and their location.


  • Ashford TTC – Surrey, England
  • Barnet TTC – London, England
  • BATTS TTC – Harlow, England
  • Bournemouth Sports TTC – Bournemouth, England
  • Brighton TTC – Brighton, England
  • Cardiff City TTC – Cardiff, Wales
  • Cippenham TTC – Slough, England
  • Drumchapel Glasgow TTC – Glasgow, Scotland
  • Ellenborough TTC – London, England
  • Fusion TTC – London, England
  • Greenhouse TTC – London, England
  • Halton TTC – Widnes, England
  • Kingfisher TTC – Reading, England
  • London Academy TTC – London, England
  • North Ayrshire TTC – North Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Nottingham Sycamore TTC – Nottingham, England
  • Ormesby TTC – Middlesbrough, England
  • Swerve TTC – Middlesbrough, England
  • Urban TTC – London, England
  • Woodfield TTC – Birmingham, England



  • B75 BTK – Hirtshals, Denmark
  • HiTT Academy – Valletta, Malta