#3 – Alex Polyakov: Breaking 2000

Back in 2008 a 28 year old from Pennsylvania decided he wanted to get really good at table tennis. He joined a club, started working with a coach and set his eyes on a USATT rating of 2000. Two and half years later he achieved it.

That man was Alex Polyakov, author of the books Breaking 2000 and The Next Step, and he was my guest for episode three of The Expert Table Tennis Podcast.

Alex find himself in a fairly unique position as one of only a handful of adult beginners to achieve such a high level in such a short amount of time. He is an inspiration to other beginners and has a wealth of information regarding table tennis development and learning. More than that, he knows all the common pitfalls and traps along the way to success in our sport and is happy to help new players on their journey.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Alex first started playing table tennis aged 28.
  • How we came up with his Breaking 2000 challenge.
  • The kind of training he did to achieve it.
  • His experience at US rating tournaments.
  • How he has improved since first reaching 2000 points back in 2011.
  • Some of his crazy training methods.
  • A little more about his two table tennis books.

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