#16 – Tin-Tin Ho: 12 Years a Table Tennis Player

Tin-Tin Ho first picked up a table tennis bat at the age of two. Three years later, on her 5th birthday, her father announced that she was now ready to begin training for table tennis. She began playing at home with her father and her brother Ping and improved very quickly.

Twelve years later Tin-Tin is still playing a lot of table tennis. She is now 17 (it was her birthday last Thursday) and is one of the best junior players in Europe. Nationally, she has practically won everything there is to win in the junior game and has been head and shoulders above other girls her age. In 2013, aged just 14, she won the U21 Women’s Singles title at the English National Championships.

I really wanted to get Tin-Tin on the show to find out a little more about what life was like for her growing up as such a table tennis prodigy. Tin-Tin has also just started studying for her A-Levels, and I was interested to know how she manages to fit her studying around her hectic training and tournament schedule.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What results Tin-Tin received in her GCSEs.
  • How she manages to balance table tennis and school.
  • When she first started playing and the types of exercises she did.
  • Tin-Tin’s thoughts on her own talent for table tennis.
  • About the one time when Tin-Tin thought about quitting.
  • Her advice for players who are coaches by their parents.
  • The highlight and lowlight of her career so far.
  • Tin-Tin’s top tip that has helped her achieve such great results.
  • What is coming up next for Tin-Tin.

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Thank you so much for joining us. I really hope you enjoyed the show and learned a lot from listening to Tin-Tin. It is a really fascinating story she has to share and it is great to see her love and dedication to the sport of table tennis continuing to grow.

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I’ll be back with another episode next Friday (guest TBC).